Tips from Brian Linnekens to choose an Experienced Bankruptcy Attorney

Nothing can be more complicated and stressful than filing for a bankruptcy in court. Filing for a bankruptcy without having proper knowledge of court rules and bankruptcy laws has a very low success rate. For an easy and successful bankruptcy case, you are not allowed to make bankruptcy blunders that could increase the chances of having your case rejected by the court. The main reason behind most rejected bankruptcy cases is hiring a wrong attorney for the job. Hiring a wrong attorney can make blunders that can put you into a big loss. For many attorneys, bankruptcy filings have become a volume business. Debtors are getting inferior legal services from attorneys that put them into loss. For this reason, you’ll need to do some research before hiring a bankruptcy lawyer. Here are a few things according to Brian Linnekens that you have to look in a bankruptcy lawyer before hiring him or her while filing for a bankruptcy.

Determine How Much You Can Pay to Your Bankruptcy attorney

Bankruptcy attorney’s fees may vary by region. In America for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, fees ranges from about $1,000 to $2,500. In the case of bankruptcy you get what you pay for. Decide your budget, but remember the fact that attorneys who advertise their fees on their website or charge below the prevalent market fees work on volumes rather than on quality. Never pick up these kinds attorneys. They may take as many cases as possible at the lowest rates possible, with only one objective to make money. Be prepared to spend at least $1500.00 on a bankruptcy case. Although, pricing of bankruptcy depends on the number of creditors involved, judgment liens, and the complexity of the matter. Try to not go for a cheap attorney. Invest on some quality lawful services to ensure that your assets are protected, and creditors are no longer knocking on your door.

Make a list of Best Bankruptcy Attorneys within Your Area

Make a list of potential bankruptcy attorneys of your area and try to narrow down your list by doing some research on yelp or other portals that can help you find a good attorney just like you do when you search for the best hotels in the city. Consider checking their ratings and customer reviews on yelp and other websites. Make sure the attorneys on your list actually practice bankruptcy law. When hiring an attorney, do not pick one without checking him online.

Contact their Previous Clients

If you have picked one do not finalize a contract with him for filing your bankruptcy before talking to their previous clients. Ask their previous clients if the attorney communicated with them in a timely manner or not and did he answer all the queries on time or not. It will assure you that they actually serve in the best possible manner.

Consider Checking Their License and Experience

There are countless of websites available that would help you to find a potential attorney where they list their practice and specialization areas. Make sure that the attorney is licensed and has gone through the necessary practices and qualification of bankruptcy lawyer. Choose an attorney that is familiar with the local rules of your district and knows the trustees. It will help you go smooth throughout the case.